Grow room for hydroponics

24 September 2012

How can we grow our plants (vegatable, fruits, flowers) in hydroponics room? 

How can we design hydroponics room?

First, we have to think a miniature hydroponics system for room growing. We can scale our other hydroponics design in to a room, but in this point we have to lose some plants (because of enough space).

We can improve our own techniques which will be valuable for having and increasing room volume. Room volume is the most important thing on room growing. So we have to design hydroponics room effective.
Also humidity is also important, we have to keep the humididty level between same intervals. To keep heat between 2 fixet interval is very important for plants. To provide these, we have to design good ventilation system.


Grow Room

22 September 2012

What is grow room? Is it only a room which we grom plants or, is it a complate plantation system. Grow room is not only a ROOM, it is a philosophy which describes growers emotions for growing plants in very very small areas, rooms.

First of all you have to grow your plants in to a small area, thinny room. So you have to replace all equipments and plants correctly. You have to get enought holding system, drip system, lighting system. No more light, no more holders, no more equipments. And you will desire and will to grow much more. You have to use each squre centimetre effective.

Before setting up a grow room you have to calculate all feasibitilty items correctly. You have to calculate light, water consumption, how much free space do you need, also you have to calculate this volumes.

It would better, if you could design your room on computer, also it would better to choose 3d software (simple is the best, you can use Google skecthup !!)

Why do we grow plants in rooms?
You can control all conditions, like heat, humidity, light, nutrition, ventilation


How to grow cabbage organically in your hydroponic system

20 March 2012

Hydroponics agriculture is clean and safe technique of growing vegetables, fruits and other plants that offer a healthy alternative to soil gardening. If you want to grown your plants with out harmful toxins, pesticides and also pathogens best way to do it is grow plants with out soil, as htdroponically.
With a little background information and technique tips help you can grow nutrient-rich and delicious cabbage in your home. Hydroponically grown cabbage has the same benefits as the regularly grown varieties in terms of nutrient values.

To start growing hydroponic cabbage, you must have or purchase cabbage seeds from any nursery. Then select the location for your hydroponic cabbage plantation area and if you havent got enought light, install grow lights to ensure enough light is available in plantation area. Then you can set up your hydroponic system according to your budget.

Easy way to start planting. Using grow cube is one of the easiest way to begin plantation. To do the, insert one to two seeds in to a grow cube then place grow cubes into a little small net pot and insert into the hydroponic system. Cabbage seeds should sprout in 7 to 10 days after inserting growing cubes. If you bought pre-grown cabbage seedlings from garden centre, please make sure to wash any soil from the roots and wash it with cold water please. When the cabbage seedlings reach two inches tall (2”=5cm), you can remove them from their pots and put them into bigger pods which would fit into your hydroponic growing system.
Cabbage needs good amount of light to thrive but if you create extreme temperature cabbage grow pale. If you are growing cabbages on outdoors, then place your cabbage system where you can give them shade from the afternoon sun. Also no not forget to add prepared nutrients solution every two to three weeks to the grow system. This period can be different with the temprature and variety of cabbage.
Cabbage needs plenty of magnesium, calcium, nitrogen for growth. Ensure that your hydroponic nutrient is a good mix of all these so that your crop does not suffer nutrient deficiency. After 60 to 90 days depending on variety, you can harvest your cabbage.

Maybe taste of cabbage is not good but it has innumerable health benefits. Cabbage is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids, folate that help to defence our health from ailments.



Building Your Own Homemade Hydroponics Nutrients At Home

14 March 2012

If you need any suggestion about Hydroponics nutrients please let me suggest about "How to prepare nutrients at home easily"

What is the benefits of Homemade Hydroponics Nutrients?

First of all, i want to tell you about "there are many many benefits!" about this matter.

The first one is; You can make %100 organic hydroponics nutrients. This will ensure that there isn't any inorganic material which will be in your plants. When you use ready nutrients products you really have no idea what you may or may not be putting in your plants and will be face with what? Most of nutrient producer list ingredients of nutrients, but you never know if they are contaminated or where those ingredients are coming from, what is the origin of ingredients?
So by preparing homemade (diy-do it yourself) hydroponics nutrients you can be completely assured that all of the neccessary ingredients going into your lovely plants you know of.

The second one is;
Using diy hydroponics nutrients is that you can tailor and yo can design and re-design your nutrients to specifically match you plants to ensure that they grow exactly as you want them too. You can also make homemade hydroponics nutrients specific to your region, your conditions, so that you can truly maximize the growth of the plants. It is hard to calculate just how much this can do to improve the growth of your plants as there are many other factor requirements in the growing process and having one 100% complete control over the homemade, do it yourself hydroponics nutrients means that you can tinker and play to try to find the right mixture.

The third one is;
Ready mixtures may be proven and sounds good, but they may not have the best formula out there. There is no substitute for genuine human intervention in the growth process and by controlling your nutrients you can make your plants more your own.

There are many different things you can do in the growth process to give your own stamp on your plants, but do it yyourself, homemade hydroponics nutrient mixtures probably will have the strongest effect on your plants grow. Whether you are an expert about growing hydroponically or completely new to the hobby, making your own nutrient mixture is simple enough that just about anyone can do it. You just need the time to search and find a formula for what your plants wants. Read More...


How to set up a new hydroponics garden system

18 January 2012

The below videojug video make you learn "how to set up a new hydroponics garden" in your home or your garden. Watch the video and decide to do. Take it easy.


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